Custom Design & Build

A custom built instrument might not seem like an immediately obvious choice to some musicians when there are so many different instruments readily available at affordable prices. However the commission of a custom built instrument gives the customer the chance to have their own personal, unique design tailored to their design and specification.

Discussing the design

One of the most important aims of Chapel Guitars is to ensure that the customer is satisfied with their finished product and as such great care and attention is placed on their design and requirements. Customers are very welcome, and indeed encouraged, to talk over the current status of their build and various ideas they might wish to implement.

Placing an order

Orders can be made at any time but timescales can vary depending on current demands and the intricacies of individual designs. At no point do we ever rush things here at Chapel Gutiars so you can rest assured that regardless of the time taken it will be lovingly crafted and painstakingly finished.